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The smallest of details make all the difference. 

We know how important it is that the removable dental prosthetics we create not only look great but are also resilient and comfortable to wear. We use the highest quality of materials on the market and the Ivobase Injector System to ensure the products we fabricate meet your patients' highest standards.

  • Partial and immediate dentures
  • Ivoclar High Impact, Ivoclar Vivadent, Vivodent DCL, and Ortholingual DCL 
  • Metal frame and flex partials
  • Flipper dentures
  • Cast partial dentures
  • Rebases
  • Soft liners
  • Custom trays, whitening trays
  • Surgical Stints
  • Soft and hard mouth guards (including night guards)
  • Base plates and wax rims 
  • And more! 


Dentures fabrications and denture repair

Same day/24 hour services

Chair-side consultations

Emergency case considerations

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